Welcome to the hero-city of Novorossiysk

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Let me introduce you the largest country-wide transportation hub, the southern gates of Russia, the city with a rich history and promising future Ц the Hero-City of Novorossiysk.

The city of Novorossiysk is located in the south-west of Krasnodar region. It borders with the territory of the municipal formation of the resort city Anapa, with Krymsk district and with the municipal formation of the resort city Gelendzhik.    

The lands of Novorossiysk with the adjacent rural settlements make 83 494 hectares. The city is the largest transportation hub and industrial center on the south of Russia. In September 1973 Novorossiysk was awarded the title of the Hero-city.

In 2017 the population of the city made 330.5 thousand people.    

The city of Novorossiysk ranks among the top three cities of Krasnodar region forming the basics of the economic system of Kuban.

Novorossiysk produces more than 13% of gross domestic product (GDP) of the region and ranks second (following Krasnodar) in terms of the production volumes of the products and services.

In 2017 the majority of lines of socio-economic development of the city showed steady positive results.

In 2017 as many as 18 862 subjects of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship conducted their operations across the territory of the municipal district.

Following the results of 2017, the volume of investments into the fixed assets of large and medium-sized enterprises of the city made 31 billion rubles in 2017. In terms of the volume of investments into the fixed assets Novorossiysk ranks third among the municipal formations of Krasnodar region. In the rating of municipal formations of Krasnodar region Novorossiysk became a top five municipal formation in terms of the investment development.

The priority streams of the city development and attraction of investments are as follows:  

  • port development for the purpose of establishing a large international transportation hub on the south of Russia with the advance port technology, developed transportation and social infrastructure;
  • development of a health resort industry;
  • capacity building and increasing the production volumes of the industrial complex of the city;
  • housing construction.

Currently, 30 large investment projects worth a total value of around 139 billion rubles are in the active stage of implementation. For example:

  • project for expansion of footwear mass production (LLC "Vetanna")
  • reconstruction of a specialized terminal complex for grain transshipment and a quay (PJSC "Novorossiysk marine commercial port")
  • upgrading of a dry process concrete line (OJSC "Novoroscement"); 

The implementation of the project "SOUTH Project" (1st Phase) initiated by OJSC "Chernomortransneft" continued in 2017. Within the framework of the project, the construction & assembly work and commissioning works for a new oil pipeline were completed. Within the scope of the project on expansion of the pipeline system and expansion of the throughput capacity of pipeline "Tengiz-Novorossiysk" OJSC KTK-R, pipeline pump station No.8 was put into operation in 2017. It is the last station that was envisaged by the Project for expansion of a pipeline capacity of KTK in Krasnodar region. Once the project reaches its full capacity, the volume of oil transshipment via KTK terminals will be 67 mln tons per year.

The following projects were successfully implemented in 2017: 1. Initiated by OJSC "Novoroscement" Ц Construction of a dry process concrete line with a capacity of 6000 tons of clinker per day across the territory of the production lines "Cement plant "Pervomaysky"; 2. initiated by LLC "Romex-Kuban South" Ц "Second priority of mega-center "Red Square"; 3. initiated by PJSC "Novorossiysk bread-baking plant" Ц Reconstruction of grain storage and transshipment facility. 

For the purposes of presenting an investment potential the delegation from the city of Novorossiysk took part in the Russian Investment Forum in the city of Sochi where around 39 investment bids with a total investment amount of 150,4 bln rubles were exposed. In course of the forum the city delegation executed 14 agreements and letters of intent in the investment area; the total value of the investment portfolio made 34,8 bln rubles. For example, the company "VetAnna", as part of the footwear factory "BRIS-BOSFOR" plans to expand import-substitution footwear production for all seasons (casual, home and beach footwear) from leather, leatherette and other materials. Upon entry into mass production, it is additionally expected to produce around 12 mln pairs of shoes per year.

Within the framework of participation in Saint-Petersburg Economic Forum, an agreement on reconstruction of a production site of LLC "Raevskaya poultry farm" was executed.

In course of implementation of the projects it is planned to create 1000 new work places and to ensure increment of a taxable base.

Respectfully, Head of the municipal formation city of Novorossiysk
Kravchenko Andrey Vasilievich