Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

Novorossiysk City is a Municipal Formation of the Krasnodar region, endowed with the urban district status.

On September 14, 1973, Novorossiysk was awarded the honorary title "Hero City".

Novorossiysk City is situated in the southwest of the Krasnodar region. It shares its borders with the territories of the Municipal Formations Anapa Resort Town, Krymsk District and Gelendzhik Resort Town.

Lands of Novorossiysk City with the surrounding rural settlements amount to 83,494 ha.

Mid-year value of population of the Municipal Formation Novorossiysk City amounted to 322 thousand people.


Novorossiysk is a largest transportation hub and an industrial center in the south of Russia.

Novorossiysk City is one of the leading subjects of the Kuban economy; it ranks second (after Krasnodar) in terms of production of goods and services. More than 12% of the gross domestic product of the Krasnodar region is produced on the territory of the Municipal Formation.

According to provisional statistics for 2015, the volume of products manufactured and services rendered among large and medium-sized enterprises amounted to 267,244.1 million rubles. A growth rate compared to 2014 amounted to 136.2%.

The volume of products and services in the industrial complex for large and medium-sized enterprises increased by 2,125 million rubles, or by 0.5%, in the reporting period.

The volume of products in public catering for large and medium-sized enterprises increased by 31.1 million rubles, or by 3.3%.

The volume of paid services rendered to the population by large and medium-sized enterprises significantly increased compared to the same period of the previous year. The increase amounted to 793.1 million rubles, or 9.6%.

By 01.01.2016, 67 large and medium-sized enterprises of the city (73.6% of the total number of large and medium-sized enterprises) received a profit in amount of 44.0 billion rubles (the indicator for the same period of 2014 was 26.6 billion rubles.)

The main share of profit is accounted for by enterprises of the transport complex and communications (29.9 billion rubles, or 68.0%) and industry (9.7 billion rubles, or 22%). The share of profit for the rest sectors of economy (construction, trade, agriculture, paid services and other sectors) amounted to 10.0% (4.4 billion rubles).


There were 653 industrial enterprises on the territory of the Novorossiysk in 2015, of which 20 enterprises belong to the category of large and medium ones. More than 22 000 people are employed in the industry branch.

The largest enterprises in the industry are as follows: Novorostsement, OJSC; the Verkhnebakanskiy Cement Plant, OJSC; Atakaytsement, LLC; Novorosmetall, LLC; the Novorossiysk Meat Processing Plant, CJSC; PINO, CJSC; Bris-Bosfor, LLC; Abrau-Durso, CJSC, and the Novorossiysk Car Repair Plant.

Last year, large and medium-sized enterprises of the industrial complex shipped products of its own production and rendered services of an industrial nature to the amount of 43,028.7 million rubles that is 105.2% of the indicator for 2014, including by the following sectors of economy:

  • extraction of mineral resources: 11.6 million rubles (a growth rate is 97.9%);
  • processing industries: 40,761.5 million rubles (a growth rate is 105.6%);
  • production and distribution of electrical power, gas, and water: 2,256.1 million rubles (a growth rate is 97.7); the decline is due to the implementation activities by enterprises aimed at saving and efficient using energy resources.

In 2015, the share of manufacturing enterprises accounted to 94.7% of the production and distribution of electricity, and that one of gas and water accounted for 5.3% of the total products shipped and services provided by the industrial nature.

In general, the cityТs industry had a positive trend in 2015.

The growth in the volume of products shipped was noted in six branches of the industrial complex, the share of which amounted to 90.5% in the volume of products shipped and services rendered by large and medium-sized enterprises of the industrial complex.

Construction and investment

In 2015, large and medium-sized enterprises of the cityТs construction complex performed contract works on the amount of 11.6 billion rubles that is 100.2% compared to 2014.

274.0 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned, that is by 34.4 thousand square meters, or by 11.2%, less than in 2014, including multi-apartment housing of 207.4 thousand m2 (a growth rate is 125.1%), as well as homeownerships commissioned by individual developers of 66.6 thousand m2 that is 2 times less than in 2014. The reduction in the private housing construction during the crisis is due to higher prices for construction materials, an increase in interest rates on loans, etc.

The volume of financing for the implementation of the activities of the municipal program "Construction, Reconstruction and General Repair of Engineering Infrastructure and Social Facilities in the Municipal Formation Novorossiysk City for 2015" amounted to 77,324.0 thousand rubles, including local budget funds of 524,275.0 thousand rubles, regional funds of 190,918.0 thousand rubles, and federal funds of 58,047.0 thousand rubles.

The project on the construction of the "BB Pasage" Shopping Center by the company City Mall Development LLC was successfully implemented.

The following projects are at the active stage of implementation currently:

  • Novorossiysk Moscow Trade Port PJSC Ц projects for technical re-equipment of the oil industry.
  • Abrau-Durso Territory LLC Ц the development of the Abrau-Durso Territory.
  • Trufelnaya Dolina LLC Ц laying vineyards and the construction of the wine factory.
  • Kubanzhilstroy LLC Ц the reconstruction of the housing stock and the construction of a group of buildings in the southern part of the city.
  • Pervaya Ipotechnaya Kompaniya Group of Companies OJSC Ц the construction of the "Yuzhnyi Bereg" Residential Neighbourhood.
  • Novorossmetall LLC Ц the construction of residential neighbourhood
  • Akvamarin LLC Ц the construction of the production and logistics complex for acceptance, storage and processing of agricultural products.

Novorossiysk presented 29 investment projects and 32 investment sites, signed 12 agreements for a total amount of 57.6 billion rubles at the "Sochi-2015" International Investment Forum.

Consumer Market

The consumer market of the Municipal Formation Novorossiysk City has 3,344 enterprises (2016 year), including 1,852 retail trade enterprises, 115 wholesale enterprises, 390 public catering enterprises, 548 consumer service enterprises, and 401 shopping centers. More than 35,000 people are employed in the consumer sphere of the city.

The turnover of the retail trade by large and medium-sized enterprises amounted to 30.6 billion rubles in 2015, which gave an increase of 121.1% in comparison with the level of 2014. The leading role in satisfying the consumer demand of Novorossiysk belongs to the organized retail trade.

18 enterprises of the consumer sphere were commissioned last year, the total area of which amounted to 47,596.7 m2.

As of 01/01/2016, the following indicators amounted to per thousand inhabitants in Novorossiysk: 417 m2 of sales area (a standard is 280 m2) in retail trade; 4.4 jobs in household services; and 48 seats (a standard is 45) in public catering (public network).

There are 7 shopping centers in the territory of the city. In total, there are 3,140 trade places at these facilities, of which only 1,849 places (58.8%) are occupied.