Sukhaya Gora Winery

Investor: Sukhaya Gora LLC

General Director of the enterprise: Aleksander Pinchuk

The history of the Sukhaya Gora Winery stretches back to 2016, when the General Director of the enterprise, Aleksander Pinchuk, together with investors, found a land plot on Sukhaya Mountain, in the vicinity of the Cossack Village of Rayevskaya (on the territory of the Municipal Formation the City of Novorossiysk, the Krasnodar Region) that was suitable for growing high-quality grapes.

Aleksander Pinchuk is a representative of a famous dynasty of winemakers. He graduated from Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute with a degree in food processing chemist. Working in the Lefkadiya Winery with such masters of winemaking as Patrick Leon, Gilles Rey, Jean Francois Joumier, and others made Aleksander a real professional. And the ability to go forward, despite difficulties, and willingness to take risks helped Aleksander to unite a team around him that creates its type of wine – SORT.

In 2019, Sukhaya Gora LLC gathered the first harvest: 88 tons of grapes. In 2020, 140 tons of grapes were already processed in the winery.

Currently, the total area of ​​vineyards is 26 hectares, of which 20 hectares of fruitful ones and 6 hectares of young vineyards. Seedlings were purchased from Italy and France. There are such grape varieties as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz.

Separately, it should be told about the winery. It is equipped with modern Italian equipment; its own laboratory; a bottling, packaging, and storage workshops, and it is capable to produce up to 200,000 bottles per year.

In 2019, the Sukhaya Gora Winery produced 70 thousand bottles. And harvest in 2020 allowed to increase production to 130 thousand bottles.

The geography of sales of products is very wide: from Murmansk and Tyumen to Moscow and the Moscow Region, from Yekaterinburg and Tula to Crimea.

The nearest plans include the sale of SORT wine in EU countries.

The combination of specific climatic conditions, suitable types, and winemaking traditions constitutes three important components for the successful operation of the Sukhaya Gora Winery.